ROS package for Detic.

This package is still in under active-development. Here is the current TODO list.


Howto use

Building docker image

git clone
cd detic_ros
docker build -t detic_ros .

step1 (launch Detic-segmentor node)

Example for running node on pr1040 network:

docker run --rm --net=host -it --gpus 1 detic_ros:latest \
    /bin/bash -i -c \
    'source ~/.bashrc; \
    rossetip; rossetmaster pr1040; \
    roslaunch detic_ros sample.launch \
    out_debug_img:=true \
    out_debug_segimg:=false \
    compressed:=false \

Change the pr1040 part and /kinect_head/rgb/image_color in command above by your custom host name and an image topic. If compressed image (e.g. /kinect_head/rgb/image_color/compressed) corresponding to the specified input_image is also published, by setting compressed:=true, you can reduce the topic pub-sub latency.

step2 (Subscribe from node in step1 and do something)

Example for using the published topic from the node above is By using subscribed segmentation image and segmentation info and, this node converts a subscribed rgb image into a masked rgb image.

ROS node information

  • ~input_image (sensor_msgs/Image)
    • Input image
  • ~debug_image (sensor_msgs/Image)
    • debug image
  • ~segmentation_image (sensor_msgs/Image with 8UC1 encoding)
    • Segmentation image. Suppose detected class number is 14, image is filled with 0~14 uint8 values. Note that 0 means background label.
  • ~debug_segmentation_image (sensor_msgs/Image with 8UC1 encoding)
    • Say detected class number is 14, ~segmentation_image in grayscale image is almost completely dark and not good for debugging. Therefore this topic scale the value to [0 ~ 255] so that grayscale image is human-friendly.
  • ~segmentation_info (detic_ros/SegmentationInfo)
    • class name list and confidence score list corresponding to ~segmentation_image. Note that score of background class is always 1.0

As for rosparam, see


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