Auto-Spotify using Voice Recognition

A Simple Script that will help you to Play / Change Songs with just your Voice
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About The Project

Tired of Switching tabs for changing a particular song or play some song that bring the kick in your task !!!

Well Same was with me Tired of Switching tabs and loosing focus from studying / Coding something Great…

As a Result here is Auto-Spotify !!!

A Simple Script that will help you to Play / Change Songs with just your Voice.

Here’s why you should using this:

  • Your time should be focused on creating something amazing rather than switching tabs & Changing songs.
  • You shouldn’t be doing the same tasks over and over like searching for song & Playing it
  • You should Simply say Song name or an Artist name or a Playlist name & Song should play along

Built With

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Getting Started

Few Steps Before you can Start using this !!!

Note – Only Works With Premium Spotify Account.


Hoping you Have your Premium Spotify Account !!!

  • Go to Spotify Developer and setup your developer Profile.
  • Once you create an App, Go to Edit Settings,there Fill following details Edit Settings


  1. Clone the repo

    git clone https://github.com/theguywithcode/code_spotify.git
  2. Install PIP packages

    pip install PyAudio

    pip install spotipy   

    pip install SpeechRecognition    
  3. Create a Python file called secrets.py, In this file, enter all of the values of the required variables in the following format:

    device_name=Device Name
    redirect_uri= https://codeguy.me/callback/
    username= Spotify Username
    scope=user-read-private user-read-playback-state user-modify-playback-state user-library-read  


Install all Python Libraries and also create secrets.py file and replace the content inside the file

Run the follwoing command in your terminal

   python main.py
  • Commands will be entered in the specific format explained here:
    • the first word will be one of: ‘album’, ‘artist’, ‘play’
    • then the name of whatever item is wanted


  • GUI Application.
  • More Functionality.


Your Name – @Theguywithcode

Project Link: Auto-Spotify


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