GR_Solver is a simple, single-file, script written using symbolic python [python 3.9.5] that takes as input an arbitrary Metric Tensor and automatically calculates and outputs the Christoffel Pseudo-Tensor, Riemann Curvature Tensor, Ricci Tensor, Scalar Curvature and Kretschmann Scalar


  1. pip install requirements.txt
  2. python GR_Solver.py

In order to modify the metric, simply open the file, edit the value of the Metric Tensor (g); using the elements of list x as coordinates, and the code is ready to be run! If you wish to use different coordinate symbols for convinience, the coordinate naming scheme is also editable in the script file too.

Note: Right now, the default setting is the Schwarzschild Metric in spherical spacial coordinates.


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