An a simple code in python

⁕¿What is AMS OS?

AMS OS is an a simple sistem code writed in python. This code helps you with the cotidian task, you can manage files and do maths work with an a magnific calculator. This project is a proof.

⁕How to install


⁕ Git
⁕ Python 3
⁕ Know Spanish*

*The code is writted in Spanish, you have to learn basic spanish to use it.

How to install

⁕Install the code via git:

git clone

How to use it

Now you can open the file doing this:

⁕Go to the file and open the terminal



For work in this sistem, you should know the commands. View the code for find it.

How to contribute

Please this project as simple as it is, is my code so if you like it, please fork it.




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