In this Repo a simple Sklearn Model will be trained and pushed to MLFlow


This Repo is based on poetry

python3 -m venv .venv

# switch manually to virtual environment and then

$(.venv) pip install poetry

$(.venv) poetry install 
# will install all dependencies from the pyproject.toml file


The general Traning pipeline script is configured by the .yaml file

The yaml file needs to be modified, since the path to the data is hardcoded there.

Data Preprocessing

The data gets prefiltered by the configured by filter_config.yaml in the folder filter and gets stored in the data folder from where it gets loaded.

ENV File

I have MLFLow in a Docker Container running with a Azurite and Postgres instance. Therefor I need a connection string to connect to MLFlow containers. This is in the .venv file as well as the connection to MLFlow.

I will link later the Repo for the MLFlow Docker Container.


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