A simple electric car model was build using Raspbery pi. The car has remote control and autonomous operation capabilities.


It main features are:

  • Remote, teleoperated, driving capability
  • Fully autonomous parking capability
  • Omni-directional moving capability

This simply project is meant to illustrate how an autonomous parking assistance feature could be integrated into an omni-directional electric car.


The expected operational process would be as follows:

  1. Under normal driving status the driver operates the electric car through a remote control
  2. When the driver decided that he/she wishes to park somewhere they initiate the parking assistance procedure
  3. The parking assistance module searches the near vicinity of the car with its ultrasonic sensor for an appropriate parking spot where the car could fit
  4. If the spot is identified the car makes the requried manoevres and performs teh parking operation autonomosly.
  5. If no appropriate parking spot is identified the car notifys the driver to resume driving




Building and Deployment Instructions


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