Django Todo Application



  • Admin Panel
  • Relational Model
  • Able To Manage Admin Panel
  • Able To Customize Admin Panel
  • Able To Create Super Users Such as Admin
  • Able To Use Any Type of Databases (Current Database is Sqlite3)
  • Able To Add , Delete and Mark your Events as Completed in Your List
  • Responsive Site (Optimization)
  • Backend Security

Language used in This Project



~ pip3 install django
~ pip3 install -U django

How To Run

First of All Clone the project from here ~ git clone

Then go To Project’s Directory with ~ cd TodoApp No Matters if Your Using Windows or Linux.

Run The Code Below ?

~ python runserver 3000

After that you need to open for accessing the website.

Synchronize your database ?

~ python syncdb

If you want to create Admin ?

~ python createsuperuser


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