This is a simple tool for bootstrapping Chimera systems from binaries. For source builds, you want .

Simple usage:

$ # run as root most of the time
$ ./ --repository /path/to/main --key /path/to/ /path/to/root

See --help for more information.

Why not simply use apk?

For one, this script makes sure that all hooks and triggers are run correctly and reproducibly, in a safe manner. This is not ensured if you just use apk to install a base package.

For two, Chimera has /usr merged. Alpine does not, and apk‘s --initdb option assumes an Alpine system. This creates trouble. Therefore, the script does its own pre-initialization of the root, so that apk can work with it.

The script also comes with some handy extra options to make things easier.


GitHub - chimera-linux/chimera-bootstrap at
Binary bootstrap helper (for setting up systems). Contribute to chimera-linux/chimera-bootstrap development by creating an account on GitHub.