Generate NFTs with combinations of various types of properties.


Run nft-gen.exe.

This will generate some config files and create a folder named "Assets".

Create a subfolder for every type of property you want to include in the Assets folder.

This can be literally anything, with any names you want the properties to have.

Populate the subfolders with images of the corresponding property types.

For example, "Pirate Hat.png" in the subfolder "Hat".

Update attributes.yaml

Refer to the names of the subfolders as property types and the names of the individual files as the attributes (case sensitive).

Enter "generate" into the console

This will generate a new image based on your assets and configuration. Look for the result in the generated out folder.


  • Supply a number after "generate" to specify how many to generate (e.g., "generate 5").
  • Use the shorthand "g" instead of "generate".