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sugarjazy – parse json logs nicely

sugarjazy is a simple tool to parse json logs and output them in a nice format with nice colors.

Usually play nicely with when using the “Sugar” logger output.

As a tekton developer this works pretty well with tekton controllers and webhooks pods but the shoudld work as well with most knative package and other pods using go-uber/zap.




Stream from kail with sugarjazy



There is not many dependencies on this package but python-dateutil is an optional dependency, if the package is not installed you will not be be able to show the log timestamps.


You can install it from aur with your aurhelper, like yay :

yay -S sugarjazy


With pip from pypi –

pip install --user sugarjazy

(make sure $HOME/.local/bin is in your PATH)

git clone

you will need poetry :

git clone
cd sugarjazy
poetry run sugarjazy


You can use sugarjazy in multiple ways :

  • By piping your logs: kubectl logs podname|sugarjazy
  • By streamining your logs: kubectl logs -f podname|sugarjazy -s
  • Directly to a file (or multiples files): sugarjazy /tmp/file1.log /tmp/file2.log
  • Using kail from piping the output to sugarjazy with the --kail flag. The advantage of kail is to be able to get the logs from multiple pods and watching new events as they appears.
    • By default the prefix of the pod/container will be printed unless you specify the option --kail-no-prefix.

    • The prefix can be customized with --kail-prefix-format flag, the default template is : {namespace}/{pod}[{container}] If you want to see only the pod name you can simply do :

    • The --kail flags always assume --stream implicitely.


usage: sugarjazy [-h] [--timeformat TIMEFORMAT]
                 [--regexp-highlight REGEXP_HIGHLIGHT]
                 [--disable-event-colouring] [--filter-level FILTER_LEVEL]
                 [--stream] [--kail] [--kail-no-prefix]
                 [--kail-prefix-format KAIL_PREFIX_FORMAT]
                 [--regexp-color REGEXP_COLOR] [--hide-timestamp]
                 [files ...]

positional arguments:

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --timeformat TIMEFORMAT
                        timeformat default only to the hour:minute:second. Use
                        "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" if you want to add the year
                        Highlight a regexp in message, eg: "Failed:\s*\d+,
                        By default sugarjazy will try to add a ˃ char with a
                        color to the eventid to easily identify which event
                        belongs to which. Use this option to disable it.
  --filter-level FILTER_LEVEL, -F FILTER_LEVEL
                        filter levels separated by commas, eg: info,debug
  --stream, -s          wait for input stream
  --kail, -k            assume streaming logs from kail
  --kail-no-prefix      by default kail will print the prefix unless you
                        specify this flag
  --kail-prefix-format KAIL_PREFIX_FORMAT
                        the template of the kail prefix.
  --regexp-color REGEXP_COLOR
                        Regexp highlight color
  --hide-timestamp, -H  don't show timestamp


  • Sugarjazy tries hard to identify the same event and add all events on the same colors to the chevron character (˃).
  • The json fields are not standardize. It works well with knative based controllers like tekton or others but that may be buggy for other ones.




Chmouel Boudjnah <@chmouel>


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