Welcome To VT-SCAN (viurs total api)


This is a simple tool to utilize the basic functionality of the Private API From Virus Total.

with this tool you can eaisly scan a IP , URL , Domain and Hash By send it to https://www.virustotal.com

for analysis using thier API and Returns the result as either Malicious or Clean .

NOTE: Asingle detection qualifies for being marked as Malicious.

** In order to use the API you must sign in https://www.virustotal.com/gui/sign-in.

NOTE: you will find your personal API key in your personal settings section.

NOTE: This key is all you need to use the this tool VT-SCAN.

If You Faced With Errors or you want develop something for this tool
Please Contact Me On Telegram https://t.me/OX0ZER0 .

Example For Use

python3 SCAN.py

and then follow the instructions and choose what you want for scan.

Enjoy ?


Built Script Author >> 0X0ŽĒR∅⁰


Help develop this tool and add some plugins to improve it .


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