URL Shortener

A simple URL shortener built with Flask and MongoDB.

Getting Started

With Docker



From your terminal/command prompt run:

docker-compose up

Then point your browser to

Without Docker

Installing Requirements

  1. (Optional) Install virtualenv and
    virtualenvwrapper and create a new environment.
  2. Run pip install -r requirements.txt.

Setting up MongoDB

You can either:

  • Install MongoDB locally by going here.



The following properties can be configured:

Name Purpose Default
DEBUG If debug mode is enabled. False
ENV Environment the app is running in. production
MONGODB_HOST The MongoDB host name.
SECRET_KEY A secret key used for security. default secret key
SERVER_NAME The host and port of the server.
SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN The domain match rule that the session cookie will be valid for.
SSL If the domain has a valid SSL certificate. True

To change these properties you can export them as environment variables or create a file instance/config.py (note
that any environment variables take precedence).

URI style connections are also supported for connecting to MongoDB, just supply the URI as MONGODB_HOST (note that
URI properties will take precedence).


From your terminal/command prompt run:


Then point your browser to