Discord Bot Template

It’s a simple use library for bot discord.py developers.


Sometimes, when creating a new project, the setup part took a long time. That’s why DBT is here, to help you setup everything easily and win a lot of time.

How to use ?

DBT is very very simple to use, all you need is to download the package. Then create a folder with a python script in which you have to call those 2 functions.

Make sure to download it first:

pip3 install [email protected]:Cursorr/DiscordBotTemplate.git


from dbt import creator

setup = creator.Setup("Bot Name")

This will permit the creation of the main file, config and the cogs folder.

├── cogs
│   └── empty
├── config.json
└── botname.py

After this, you have also the new_cog() function permitting you to create a cog an example is more telling;


Project files after this:

├── cogs
│   ├── cogname.py
│   └── test.py
├── config.json
└── botname.py


Everyone can contribute to this repository. If you have any ideas to improve it, make sure to create a pull request.


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