AI Virtual Calculator:

This is a simple virtual calculator that works with gestures using OpenCV. We will use our hand in the air to click on the calculator.


Watch the Outcome.

What Have I Done:

Firstly, I’ve created a Hand Tracking Module using openCV, MediaPipe and Math. Then, I’ve created my AI Virtual Calculator using OpenCV and Hand Tracking Module.

OpenCV is a library used for computer vision applications. With help of OpenCV, we can build an enormous number of applications that work better in real-time. Mainly it’s used for image and video processing.

MediaPipe is a framework mainly used for building audio, video, or any time series data. With the help of the MediaPipe framework, we can build very impressive pipelines for different media processing functions.

Math is a built-in module that we can use for mathematical tasks.

Required Packages:

  • opencv-python
  • mediapipe
  • math


  • First of all you need to install all required packages.
  • Then run the file.
  • Now rise your hand in-front of your camera.
  • Join your index and middle finger to click on your expected numbers and symbols.


Watch the step by step Tutorial.

Got a Question?

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If you have any questions that are bothering you please contact with me. If you think any line is redundant or can be removed to make the program better then you can obviously ask me or make a pull request. All of my contact links are given in my GitHub Profile.


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