EMA – Pytorch

A simple way to keep track of an Exponential Moving Average (EMA) version of your pytorch model

import torch
from ema_pytorch import EMA

# your neural network as a pytorch module

network = torch.nn.Linear(512, 512)

# wrap your neural network, specify the decay (beta)

ema = EMA(
    beta = 0.9999,              # exponential moving average factor
    update_after_step = 100,    # only after this number of .update() calls will it start updating
    update_every = 10,          # how often to actually update, to save on compute (updates every 10th .update() call)

# mutate your network, with SGD or otherwise

with torch.no_grad():

# you will call the update function on your moving average wrapper


# then, later on, you can invoke the EMA model the same way as your network

data = torch.randn(1, 512)

output     = net(data)
ema_output = ema(data)

# if you want to save your ema model, it is recommended you save the entire wrapper
# as it contains the number of steps taken (there is a warmup logic in there, recommended by @crowsonkb, validated for a number of projects now)
# however, if you wish to access the copy of your model with EMA, then it will live at ema.ema_model



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