A simple way to store your passwords without requiring third party applications

Simple To Use. Store Your Passwords For Each Websites You Visit

when creating an account with a website, it has an option for generating random strong passwords

The next time you visit a site whose information you saved to the application, just type the name of the website and search it, it will bring you a prompt that your password
has been copied to the clipboard and your work will be to paste and login to your desired site.

The data is stored automatically in a json file within your local host


  1. No need of a third party application software which may bring trust issues with some clients
  2. It is very simple to use
  3. Gives random strong password combinations for sensitive sites
  4. You do not need to use the same passwords for different sites to reduce single point of failure/risk once an attacker gets one of your passwords to unlock other accounts using similar passwords


  1. It is a simple application that still needs a lot of development to ensure maximum effectiveness and robustness as well as security as no authentication is required and the passwords are in plaintext format
  2. More can be done😎


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