Nerd-Storage is a simple web server for sharing files on the local network.

It supports the download of files and directories, the upload of multiple files at once, making a directory, updates and deletions.

The user can also upload an existing directory as a .zip file which will then be extracted inside the storage as a folder.


  • Linux
  • Python 3.6+



pip install Nerd-Storage


Run: nerdstorage

To access the storage go to: http://<server-local-ip-addr>:5000/

To print help information: nerdstorage --help


  1. Run to set the login password.
  2. Edit to set the storage path.

This command will output the full path of and

pip show Nerd-Storage | grep 'Location' | grep -o -E '[/].+' | xargs [email protected] printf '@/nerdstorage/hash/\[email protected]/nerdstorage/\n'

Large Files

This feature allows the upload of files of size equal to or greater than the RAM of the machine running Nerd-Storage.

For example if the application is running on a machine with 4GB of RAM to upload a file of size equal to or greater than 4GB this feature has to be used.

Related issue:

Brief Explanation

The client uses flow.js to split the file into chunks and send them independently. The server saves each chunk as a separate file, then once all the chunks have been received the server merges them together to recreate the original file.


nerdcli is a command line interface for Nerd-Storage.

Useful link for newbies:

usage: nerdcli [--parameter]

--login                         login
--logout                        logout
--ls PATH                       list directory content
--download PATH                 download file or directory
--mkdir PATH                    make a directory
--upload PATH FILE_PATH         upload a file
--upload-dir PATH FILE_PATH     upload a .zip as a directory
--delete PATH                   delete a file or directory

        Set IP and PORT.
        Script path: /path/to/script


Project home page:


Release 0.0.9