This project hosts a simplified python interface to COPASI. While all functionality from COPASI is exposed via automatically generated SWIG wrappers, this package aims to add a layer on top of that, to hide most of the complexity away when calling COPASI functions.


The package works with python 2.x and python 3.x, provided the following packages are installed:

  • python-copasi
  • pandas

pandas and python-copasi are freely available on pypi. Once done, just have the basico directory in the PYTHONPATH or sys.path.

Or you could directly install everything you need right from this git repo:

pip install git+


The following modules are available:

  • model_io: functionality, for creating / loading / saving models.
  • model_info: functionality to getting / setting model elements from pandas dataframes
  • task_timecourse: a wrapper for running time course simulations
  • array_tools: utility for plotting and the like

Documentation is work in progress, but you can find the start under:


This project has been possible thanks to the BMBF funded de.NBI initiative (031L0104A):