A small tool for interacting with GQL APIs

Arguments, mutations, aliases are all supported. Other features, such as
fragments, are left unsupported with the opinion that, when a query becomes
large enough to warrant them, you might be best feeding in a file containing
your query.

igqloo <graphql_uri> customer(name:"[email protected]").id,firstName,lastName

Under the surface, generates a GraphQL query that looks like:

query {
    customer(name:"[email protected]") {
        id, firstName, lastName

Queries are made simple using three key concepts:

  1. Dot-notation, with . indicating the beginning of a nested query level
  2. A comma , indicates a field on the same level as the prior field
  3. Parenthesis () for filters and “quoting” aliases


GitHub - gerhalt/igqloo at pythonawesome.com
A small command-line tool for interacting with GQL APIs - GitHub - gerhalt/igqloo at pythonawesome.com