Paimon is a pixie (or script) who was made for anyone from {EPITECH} who are struggling with the Coding Style.

Her goal is to assist you in your way of coding in the purpose of not using her anymore.


Paimon does not require anything other than python3.

You should be able to run her on every platform that are supporting it (otherwise, your OS has a serious problem).

[email protected] Paimon $ ./paimon 
usage : [args] [file]
	--file, -f    check a regular C file
	--header, -h  check an header file
[email protected] Paimon $


  • Paimon will get several updates in the future, you can contribute to it by opening a PullRequest or an issue to give your ideas!
  • The current versions of Paimon is a beta, it might has some trouble to detects what’s wrong so open an issue if it ever happens.


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