DownTime-Score is a Small project aimed to Monitor the performance and the availabillity of a variety of the Vital and Critical Moroccan Web Portals That provides necessary WebBased digital services in order to Record incidents including Services Outage,Network Disturbance and Possible CyberAttacks in-powered with upptime and uptime robot, This small project is open source and you can find-out more Here.

UptimeRobot public APIs for th current Monitored WebServices : == m788066273-1d3a0f4154118b9473496d36 == m788066276-303228ba339d9023c6ed91a9 == m788066279-a48fa6e3341aaf5100c4f902 == m788066283-5b23c27a917a289728616ef0 == m788066285-a42f9bdaf85ac2b18f630ed3 == m788066285-a42f9bdaf85ac2b18f630ed3 == m788066286-48244cc6ab91c44f6477a920 == m788066288-3a6790129d70b0b3bc52fc7f == m788066290-fcbec34345ad4b8ac656fa99 == m788066294-069aa28682ddb4dcd60720ff == m788066295-7ad0ab68fae8f6ade078566a == m788066296-c8790cf6321b6a1ac1014cce