BSIMM 12 Parseable Outputs

This is a small project to provide machine parseable BSIMM (Building Security in Maturity Model) version 12 framework data (in JSON format).

Here is the tool I used to parse BSIMMv12 SSF data from

Here is the BSIMM12 foundations document that contains the vertical tables. These are annoying to copy & paste (at least via my PDF reader). I double checked my work including running the two tests outlined in Things seem to line up currently.

file descr This parses the data into JSON.
bsimm12.json This is the JSON representation.
bsimm12.psv This is a Pipe delimited file (suitable for excel import) Demonstrates JSON import, some example ways to interact

BSIMM12 Licensing

The project is operated by Synopsys. The BSIMMv12 was authored by Sammy Migues, Eli Erlikhman, Jacob Ewers, and Kevin Nassery(me).

I am no longer an employee of Synopsys, and this project contains no work product developed under my previous employment with Synopsys.

BSIMM12 Parseable Licensing

BSIMMv12 is relased under CCL 3.0 Open Source License. Please review this before using as this project is similarly relased under CCL 3.0 (ShareAlike).