MEDIALpy: MEDIcal Abbreviations Lookup in Python

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A small python package that allows the user to look up common medical abbreviations.

Notice: Huge thank you to imantsm for his excellent medical abbreviations repository. If you found utility in this little tool, please go star the original project.


You can now install this package via PyPi:

pip install medialpy

Alternatively, you can install the development version directly from GitHub with:

pip install git+

Common Usage

Find an abbreviation:

import medialpy

term = medialpy.find("T1DM") 
print(term.meaning) #['type 1 Diabetes Mellitus']

Check if an abbreviation exists:

import medialpy

if medialpy.exists("AD"):

Check what version of imantsm’s data dictionary is being used:

import medialpy

print(medialpy.get_version()) # a62e91303c0966ab6803e765a752581f7d10fff9

Bug reporting and feature suggestions

Please report all bugs or feature suggestions to the issues tracker. Please do not email me directly as I’m struggling to keep track of what needs to be fixed.

We welcome all sorts of contribution, so please be as candid as you want.


This project is proudly licensed under the terms of the MIT License.