Water-break and Screen-break Reminder

A simple python program to remind user to take a water break every 15 minutes, and take a break from continuously looking at the screen every 30 minutes.


  • Download and install the latest python version from here.
  • Install plyer using the command pip install plyer from the terminal.

Run the program

There are two commands that can be used to run the program from the terminal.

  • The first command is python reminder.py . With this command the program will run till the time it is interrupted with Ctrl + C or the terminal is closed.
  • The second command is pythonw reminder.py . With this command, the program will keep running in the background till it is explicitly terminated from the task manager or till system shutdown. (The program will shiw up as Python in the task manager.)


Water-break Reminder

Screen-break Reminder

Task-manager appearance


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