Always be OnTime!

What is OnTime?

OnTime is a small python that you set a time and on that time, app will send you notification and also play an alarm.

How to get OnTime?

You can download OnTime via Github.

$ git clone https://github.com/BlackIQ/OnTime

How to install OnTime?

OnTime just install on Linux. So, if you have Windows, forget it!

Installing is so simple. Just run setup and it will be installed.

$ python3 setup.py

How to run OnTime?

Just enter ontime command!

$ ontime

How to config OnTime?

You can config OnTime just in these ways:

  • Chnage icon
  • Change sound

Chnage icon

Go to /home/username/.ontime/files. You can see there is a icon.pgn file. Put your own icon and rename it to icon.png.

Chnage sound

Go to /home/username/.ontime/files. You can see there is a alarm.wav file. Put your own sound and rename it to alarm.wav.

Amirhossein Mohammadi © 2021. Licensed under MIT license.


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