A small python tool to get relevant values from SRI invoices

Some useful info to run the tool

Login into your SRI account and retrieve all the XML invoice files from the period you want to process.

Download Invoices 01

Download Invoices 02

Download Invoices 03

Installing dependencies

You will need Python 3.8.x to run this tool

  • Install virtualenv with pip -> pip install virtualenv
  • Create a new virtualenv on the project folder with -> virtualenv venv
  • Activate the virtual environment with source venv/bin/activate on any nix-like OS or venv\Scripts\activate in windows
  • Install the dependencies with -> pip install -r requirements.txt

Running the tool

In the root folder of the project (after activating your virtual env and installing the dependencies):

  • Create a new folder called invoices
  • Place all the xml files you downloaded in that folder
  • run python
  • Or run python -p your/path/to/invoices to provide a custom path to your invoice folder

The results

The results are organized in two parts: a breakdown of all your invoices and a summary with the relevant values

Result 01

Some invoices contain two parts, which in the summary is shown as a two separate invoices, a taxable and a non-taxable amount, the interesting part is the taxable amount, which is the one that has a 12% added value tax.

In the summary you can find the total tax value, and the total value that has taxes, ussually you only need the total_with_taxes value, to add that in your tax declaration.

All other values are there for your information and so you can check the calculation is correct.

I hope you find this useful and helps you deduct taxes faster.


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