A small utility that sorts your files.


  • Scan directory to find files(thanks @corruptmemry for this!)
  • Split extensions to determine file type(also thanks @corruptmemry for this!)
  • Move files(and here also thanks @corruptmemry for this!)
  • Add more file extensions (probably will never be checked because there are a LOT of extensions)
  • Create directories(Music,Photos,Videos etc.) if they not existing,otherwise, if directories exist, create directories with suffix "_moved"

How to use this utility?

Just drop the and config.json in the folder that need to be sorted and run the script

P.S. Probably I`ll make something like package or executable idk, if i don't be lazy.

How can I help?

Feel free to fork this repo and make a pull request or create an issue, if you encountered an problem!