The Qiskrypt is a software suite of protocols of quantum cryptography, quantum communication, as well, other protocols and algorithms, built using the IBM’s open-source Software Development Kit for quantum computing Qiskit.

The aim of our framework is to provide all the known quantum cryptographic protocols, in a single place, as an accessible solution, and being easy to use.


The mission of our framework is to:

  • Emphasize the importance of quantum cryptography, as a long-term solution for the post-quantum era;
  • Provide open-source implementations of quantum cryptographic protocols, including:
    • Quantum Key Distributions (QKDs);
    • Semi-Quantum Key Distribution (SQKDs);
    • Quantum Conference Key Agreements (QCKAs);
    • Semi-Quantum Conference Key Agreements (SQCKAs);
    • Quantum One-Time Pads (QOTPs);
    • SWAP Test/Quantum Fingerprinting;
  • Offer some important primitives for quantum communications and quantum networks, such as:
    • Quantum Teleportation;
    • Quantum Entanglement Swapping;
    • Quantum Entanglement Distillation/Purification;
    • Quantum Repeaters;
    • Quantum Internet/Network Protocols;
  • Offer, as well, some quantum algortithms for quantum cryptanalysis and quantum attacks, such as:
    • Grover's Algorithm;
    • Simon's Algorithm;
    • Shor's Algorithm;
  • Provide an easy and comprehensive detailed explanation of the protocols, primitives and algorithms addressed, through several illustrations and tutorials;