Template Discord.py

This is a starter template of discord.py project (Supports Slash commands!). ?

Getting Started

  • First, you need to install Python 3.8.x (Lower Version is not guaranteed!)

  • Then, create a venv or Virtual Environment for precaution if something happens.

python -m venv ./your/venv/path
  • After making sure everything’s fine, and venv activated.. then install the dependencies.

pip install -r ".\requirements.txt"
  • then, put you bot token to the .env files.

  • Finally, you can execute:

python main.py

Open your discord to see the result, make sure you’ve added the bot to a server with application.commands enabled.

You can start editing the code by modifying ./cogs folder. The slash commands will be refreshed every time you’re rerun the codes.

Learn More

To learn more about discord.py and all the goodies, take a look at the following resources:

Confused? Any Questions?

Please, Feel free to open issues or DM me (GNZTMPZ#0057) on Discord. Thank you and have a nice day! ?


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