This is a story bot, that will scrape stories from r/stories subreddit and convert it into an Audio File.


pip install -r requirements.txt to install all required Packages.

How to Run?

  • First Run This will scrap 300 stories and save it into a json file. Also fill the client_id, client_secret and user_agent. Learn More.
  • Then Run This will take the Json file and select a random story from it and save it in a text file.
  • Finally Run This will convert the text file into text-to-speech audio and add background music accordingly.

How to add your own music

  • Add the Music you want in the Music Folder in story-bot.
  • Add the Sad Songs in Sad-Music and the other ones in Happy-Music.
  • Only .wav files will work however.

For any Queries, Contact Me On:

Discord: yasho#4476


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