Passenger Car Unit (PCU) Calculator

Passenger car unit (PCU) is an important attribute for traffic capacity analysis and other relevant applications such as level of service (LOS) measures, determination of saturation flow rate, signal design and coordination, and development of traffic flow models.

This is a streamlit web application click here which can be used to calculate Passenger Car Unit (PCU) values for a selected road section.This web application calculates the PCU values using Chandras method, which is a popular method to estimate PCU values for midblock road sections, For further details, please refer the following.

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  2. Dhananjaya, D. D., Fernando, W. W. P. M.,Sivakumar, T. Passenger Car Units for Different Midblock Sections in Sri Lanka using Chandra’s Method. ENGINEER: Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka

If you use this application, please be kind enough to cite these papers in your work


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