What is Dumbleq?

Dumbleq is a dumb Subleq VM/interpreter implementation created by me for absolutely no reason at all.

What is Subleq?

If you haven’t heard about it before, basically it’s the shortened version of SUBtract and branch if Less-than or EQual to zero. Subleq is one of the prime examples of OISC (or One Instruction Set Computer), which, by the name suggests, has only one instruction to do everything.

A Subleq instruction can look like this:

subleq A B C

or like this:


with A, B, C being numbers.

It works by subtracting the value from address B with the one from address A, if the result is less or equal than 0, we will move the memory pointer to address C.

If A is set to -1, the console will start taking input, convert it into ASCII and store it into address B. If B is set to -1, the console will print out the value from memory address A as text.

How to use Dumbleq?

In the ./src directory, you should be able to find dumbleq.py which is the VM.

To run a file consisting of Subleq instructions, type:

python dumbleq.py ./path/to/file

There is a Hello World program written in Subleq in the ./examples directory, check it out if you want.

Copyrights and License

Copyrights © 2022 Nguyen Phu Minh

This project is licensed under the MIT License


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