Dumb DB

Are you looking for a reliable database management system?

Then you’ve come to the wrong place.

This is a very small database management system to store a minuscule amount of data in one of the worst possible ways. But hey, atleast its easy to use .


Installation is super easy. Just use your favorite package manager.

  pip install dumbdb


from dumbdb import DumbDB

my_db = DumbDB(location="/tmp", file_name="temp_data.json")

# Use .set to set value
my_db.set("int", 1)
my_db.set("list", [])
my_db.set("cars", {})

# Use .get to get value

# You can optionally pass a default value to the get method

my_db.get("new_key", default="Default Val")

Advantages and Disadvantages

A good DMBS is characterized by the following. You can have a look how well the module fits the ideal DMBS.

Desired Feature Module Status
Data Availability Data is stored in a file in JSON format. Your operating system handles data availability, but it is only accessible locally and only by users with priveledge to read the file
Minimized Redundancy None. No effort at all
Data Security Your operating system worries about this. Not this module
Easiness in Data Management An easy to get started system
Data Structuring None. You worry about that.
Querying Language Two methods! Thats all you get.



Contributions are always welcome!


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