A super simple terminal command shortener.

During daily development, it can be frustrating,

  • to type long commands when you start up the terminal for the day (or when your terminal shuts down due to unknown reasons!) or,
  • to type a set of terminal commands repeatedly to do configuration, checks, and so on.

For these problems...

pcmd comes in handy :thumbsup:
It's main features are

  • It helps to execute commands with a user-define name :fish:
  • It helps to execute multiple commands with just a single user-defined name :octopus:

A single config file :wrench: ...

... and your ready to go :rocket: !

Trust me, it is better than bash aliases!



Using pip

$ pip install pcmd

---> 100%

Using poetry

$ poetry add pcmd

---> 100%

or download from the releases.

Ensure that you install the package globally in your
machine to use it as a universal CLI for all your projects.