A team of Crypto Unicorns bots


I invoke autocorns to help my unicorns. You may choose to invoke autocorns to help your unicorns, too.
If you do choose to call upon autocorns, know that you are doing so at your own risk. I am not liable or
responsible for any damage or losses you may incur.

autocorns expect your account credentials to be stored as an Ethereum keystore file and for you to have access to the corresponding password.
If you do not know what this means, you probably shouldn’t call upon the autocorns.


autocorns is written in Python and uses:

  1. moonworm
  2. brownie

You can install autocorns by running:

pip install autocorns


The Dark Forest Warden

The Dark Forest Warden escorts Crypto Unicorns safely through the Dark Forest.

To call on the Warden to help your unicorns (42, 69, and 420, say), use this spell:

autocorns warden \
    --network matic \
    --sender <path to keystore file> \
    --max-fee-per-gas "40 gwei" \
    --max-priority-fee-per-gas "30 gwei" \
    --confirmations 5 \
    --corns 42 69 420

You will be prompted to unlock your keystore with the password before the transactions are submitted.


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