Teams Notifier Plugin

An Empire plugin that integrates Microsoft Teams notifications into Empire.


Pre Reqs:

  • Empire >=4.1.0
  1. Add to Empire/empire/server/plugins
  2. rename to have a .plugin extension
  3. sudo poetry add pymsteams
  4. Launch Empire Server


  1. create a listener
  2. activate the plugin with useplugin teams-notifier
  3. set to enabled
  4. save in the webhook created in the teams channel of your choosing
  5. Run the plugin with execute

Adding a Web Hook

Using Teams Add a webhook in the target channel for notifications


Built to allow for Empire to send a notification to Microsoft Teams upon successful agent connection.

Thank you to the BC Security team for helping especially @vinnybod!



  • Add additional notifications for different agent events (disconnect, task compeletion, etc)
  • Ability to interact with the Agent through the Teams channel
  • Beautify the messages and colour codify when adding new event types

For additional feature requests please submit an issue and add the enhancement tag.


MIT License


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