About this project

This bot allows you to see data about minecraft names in Telegram, it has a few commands such as:

/names - Show dropping 3 character names
/skin [Username] - Shows the skin of a specific user
/lookup [Username] - Show information about a user (This uses the Ashcon API)
/droptime [Username] - Find when a specific name is dropping


  1. Search for ‘BotFather’ on Telegram and select the account with a blue checkmark next to it
  2. Message this account with “/newbot” this will then prompt you for a name, enter anything you want for example “MCTelegramBot”
  3. The bot will ask you for a unique username for your bot, so you will need to create your own, ensuring it ends in ‘_bot’ for example “MCTele123uasbu_bot”
  4. Copy your access token and bot link
  5. Replace ‘apiKey’ in with your bot’s access token
  6. Launch the bot, we recommend screening your bot process on a linux VPS, you can buy a VPS on Digital Ocean
  7. Enjoy the bot, type ‘/help’ for a list of commands