Music downloader bot

Still under development Please Report issues to improve this repo.I will try to fix bugs in next update

Music downloader bot is a telegram bot that can send you high-quality audio


  • All jio saavn Song,Album and Playlist links are supported
  • Meta data such as Album Art, artist details are present
  • Lyrics are also embeded into the meta data (if available)


Please read all the deployment instructions before deploying the bot

This project entirely depends on Sumanjay's
Unofficial jiosaavn api.

So if You need to deply this preoject you first have to deply your own JioSaavnAPI

You Can Deploy your API on heroku or your VPS


  • After deploying the api note the API URL

  • Go to BotFather

  • Create a bot and get your API token

  • Deploy the bot here


Environment Variables

To run this project, you will need to add the following environment variables

Telegram bot API token

Url of your JioSaavn API

The name of the heroku app where you are deploying your bot


  • Add song search by name

  • Add spotify and deezer support