Video Encoder Bot

A Telegram bot to convert videos into x265/x264 format via ffmpeg.


Add values in environment variables or add them in config.env.template and rename file to config.env.

  • API_ID - Get it by creating an app on
  • API_HASH - Get it by creating an app on
  • BOT_TOKEN - Get it by creating a bot on
  • SUDO_USERS - Chat identifier of the sudo user. For multiple users use space as seperator.
  • DOWNLOAD_DIR - (Optional) Temporary download directory to keep downloaded files.

Configuring Encoding Format

To change the ffmpeg profile edit them in

Installing Requirements

Install the required Python Modules in your machine.

apt-get -qq install ffmpeg
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


With python3.7 or later.

python3 -m bot