Telegram Message Forwarder Bot

A telegram bot, which can forward messages from channel, group or chat to another channel, group or chat automatically.



To configure this bot add the environment variables stated below. Or add them in config.env.template and change the name to config.env.

  • API_ID - Get it by creating an app on
  • API_HASH - Get it by creating an app on
  • BOT_TOKEN - Get it by creating a bot on
  • FROM_CHATS - Chat ID of the chats from where to forward messages. Seperated by space.
  • TO_CHATS - Chat ID of the chats where to forward messages. Seperated by space.
  • TELEGRAM_SESSION - (Optional) If you want to use this bot as user add the telegram session name in environment variables. Get it by running GenString and select the option 1 and follow the instructions.
  • SUDO_USERS - (Optional) Chat identifier of the sudo user. For multiple users use ; as seperator.
  • ADVANCE_CONFIG - (Optional) If you want forward message from chat A to chat B and from chat C to chat D add this value in the format given below.

Or if you want to forward message from chat A to chat B, C and D. And from Chat E to Chat F

     ↑       ^---------------------^         ↑         ↑ to another chat
From channel       To channel        from another channel
  • REMOVE_STRINGS - (Optional) Keywords to remove from message before forwarding. For multiple string use ; as a seperator. For example -
@username;;Hey! My channel is XXxxXX
  • REPLACE_STRING - (Optional) Keyword to add in the place of REMOVE_STRING


  • Supported identifier for a chat should be the chat id, username or message link.
  • Use /forward command to forward older messages. For message older than 2 days you have to login as a user and set the TELEGRAM_SESSION variable. Command usage - /forward <Chat ID/Username/Message Link> <Limit, No. of Messages to forward> <ID of the last message of from chat to avoid repetition>

Installing Requirements

Install the required Python Modules in your machine.

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


With python3.7 or later.

python3 -m bot