Telegram File To Stream Link

This bot will give you permanent Stream and Download links for Telegram files

Deploy the Bot

Press the below button to deploy to Heroku



API_ID : Goto to obtain this.

API_HASH : Goto to obtain this.

BOT_TOKEN : Get the bot token from @BotFather

ARCHIVE_CHANNEL_ID : Create a new channel (private/public), post anything in the channel, forward the post to @message_ids_bot, now copy and paste chat_forward in this field.

Session_String : [Optional] Use to generate Pyrogram Session String, If you don’t add it the bot will create a new session every Restarting.

How to use the bot

⚠️ Before using the bot, don’t forget to add the bot to the ARCHIVE_CHANNEL_ID as an admin

/start : To check if the bot is alive.

To get download and stream links, just forward any file to the bot.

⚠️ If you want to download the link don’t use 1DM, instead you can use ADM or IDM(on PC)


  • How long the links will remain valid or is there any expiration time for the links generated by the bot?

The links will be valid as longs as your bot is alive, you haven’t deleted the Message from Archive Channel and you haven’t deleted Archive Channel

Contact me

Telegram Channel

You can PM me on @ooom09


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