Telegram Bot : Whale Watcher

A straightforward telegram bot written in python to track whales activity on multiple blockchains, using whale-alert API


1. Telegram Bot

First, you need to read the documentation on telegram bot, and create one : telegram bot docs. Once you own a bot and you have securely stored his token, you can go to the next step!

2. Whale-alert API key

Once you have your bot, you need to be able to connect the to whale-alert api using one of the token they provide. You will find all the required informations here to get your api key : whale-alert authentication.

There is different pricing plans, the bot is well adapted for the free one with the base config.

3. Running the bot!

To run the bot, you’ll need to either have python 3.9.7 already installed, or install using a virtual environment (recommended) with pyenv & pyenv-virtualenv:

Go into the main folder, and simply run :

pyenv install 3.9.7
pyenv virtualenv 3.9.7 whale_alert_bot
pyenv activate whale_alert_bot

Go into the main folder, and simply run :

pip install -r requirements.txt

Finally, run the main script to run the bot, along with your tokens allocated to the right environment variables:


Or add the environment variables to a .env file, within the same folder as the file (recommended). They will be imported automatically while running the bot.

4. The environment variables

As we have seen previously, the bot can be personalised thanks to a bunch of environment variables to set in your .env file:


The endpoint to fetch transactions, defaults to the current on in whale-alert.


The endpoint to fetch connection to blockchain statuses, defaults to the current on in whale-alert.


Your whale-alert API key. This is required.


Your telegram bot key. This is required.


Minimum interval (in seconds) for which we want to allow the transaction alerts. Defaults to 15.


Maximum interval (in seconds) for which we want to allow the transaction alerts. Defaults to 3600 (free whale alert plan).


Minimum value of the transactions we want to track (USD). Defaults to 500 000.


Currency to watch. Default to None (all of them)


Limit amount of transactions per alert. Defaults to 100.


1. Helpers

Once your bot is running, just like the normals bots, you can get more details about the commands with the following commands:


2. Status Checker

This command allows you to precisely check the status of the connection of whale-alert to the different blockchains it’s monitoring.

<div class="snippet-clipboard-content position-relative overflow-auto" data-snippet-clipboard-copy-content="/check_status “>

/check_status <optional: data_keys>