• What is this repo?

This is a slightly modified fork which includes some extra features & memes added to my liking.

  • How’s this different from the main repo?
  • This repo comes with my RSS feed parser module rss-chan integrated. You’ll never be late to your mirroring schedules now. You can read more about it here.
  • Added an optional SESSION_STRING env variable for RSS feeds. If you know, you know.
  • Added support to /mirror, /qbmirror & /leech (includes all variations: /zipmirror, /zipleech, etc.) commands to automatically detect an URL when replied to a certain message. This should work for any URL (Magnet, Torrent, Mega & Direct links) you throw at it since it uses regex.
  • I’ve made some improvements to the search module, such as:
    • Search filter to display (only) folders/files. Folders have been set as the default filter. Files can be searched by appending -f to a search query.
    • Time taken + Number of results found are displayed.


Projects used in the making:

BTW, here’s a cute picture of Hishiro.


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