This is Telegram Parmanent Files Store Bot by @AbirHasan2005.

Language: Python3
Library: Pyrogram


  • In PM Just Forward or Send any file it will save on Database & give you the Access Link.
  • In Channel Add Bot as Admin with Edit Rights. When you will send any file or media in Channel it will Edit the Broadcast Message with Saved Link Button.
  • You can also Broadcast anythings via this Bot.
  • You can also Do Force Sub to a Channel to allow access the Bot.

Demo Bot:


  • API_ID - Get this from @TeleORG_Bot
  • API_HASH - Get this from @TeleORG_Bot
  • BOT_TOKEN - Get this from @BotFather
  • BOT_USERNAME - You Bot Username. (Without [@])
  • DB_CHANNEL - A Telegram Channel ID.
    • Make a Channel for Storing Files. We will use that as Database. Channel must be Private! Else you will be Copyright by Telegram DMCA!
  • BOT_OWNER - Bot Owner UserID
    • Put your Telegram UserID for doing Broadcast.
  • DATABASE_URL - MongoDB Database URI
    • This for Saving UserIDs. When you will Broadcast, bot will forward the Broadcast to DB Users.
  • UPDATES_CHANNEL - Force Sub Channel ID (Optional)
    • ID of a Channel which you want to do Force Sub to use the bot.
  • LOG_CHANNEL - Logs Channel ID
    • This for some getting user info. If any new User added to DB, Bot will send Log to that Logs Channel. You can use same DB Channel ID.
  • FORWARD_AS_COPY - Value should be True or False (Optional)
    • If True all messages will be forwarder As Copy. If False all messages will be forwarder with Forward Tag.
  • BROADCAST_AS_COPY - Value should be True or False (Optional)
    • Broadcast with Forward Tag or as Copy.(Without Forward Tag)
  • BANNED_USERS - Banned unwanted members
    - Put all banned user IDs & Separate with space.
  • BANNED_CHAT_IDS - All Banned Channel IDs (Optional)
    • Put all banned channel IDs & Separate with space.

Video Tutorial:


Deploy Now:



start - start the bot
status - Show number of users in DB
broadcast - Broadcast replied message to DB Users
ban_user - [user_id] [ban_duration] [ban_reason] Ban Any User
unban_user - [user_id] Unban Any User
banned_users - Get All Banned Users