A template repo for use in the Advent of Code

The must contain “STATS_TABLE” to be replaced by the generated table, and the stats graphs will be placed in statsImages/ with the following file names: part1time.png, part2time.png, part1rank.png, part2rank.png, part1score.png, and part2score.png


  1. Login to Advent of Code, open the cookie storage section of the developer window for the website and copy the session value
  2. Run make cookie SESSION=(session value from step 1)
  3. Run make setup


  1. Run make DAY=XX (e.g., make DAY=1) to download the challenge input and README
  2. After completing part 1, run make download DAY=XX to update the day’s README with part 2’s description
  3. After completing part 2, run make stats to update the main README


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