An temporary Repository to rewrite of shellpkg in python



Ok, i guess i will have to explain what this does.
This is an description for developers, so they will know what to do to help the development.


This essentially works with two folders:



To create an package, you have to create two folders:



On the app folder, you will place the application folder;
These contents will be moved to /opt/ folder.
We need to remember that the folder inside app needs to be the exact name of the package

On the launcher folder, you can place the .desktop files;
The files will be moved to /usr/share/applications, so they can appear on the menu.
The files should be named as: {package-name}.desktop}

Once you finished placing all directories in place, you can compact it as an tar.xz file.
And if you want it to be available you can request it to be added to the server.

On the /opt/ folder we also have an folder called installed.
When an package is installed, an file with the same name as the package is created on this directory.
Once the package is removed, the file is also removed.


Down below is the operations listed and an step-by-step of what the package manager should do on each

  • Install

Check if the package is already installed (using the file from the installed folder)

Enters on the /tmp directory

Downloads from the web server the package

Unpack the tar file

Move the files

Delete the files from /tmp

Creates an file on /installed folder

  • Remove

Check if the package is installed

Remove the folders from /opt/ and /usr/share/applications

Deletes the file on /installed folder

  • Upgrade (TODO)

I still need to find an way to see the version of the package.


The web server has been create and it’s now online.


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