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acr-browser is a terminal-based user interface for managing container images and artifacts in Azure Container Registry.


This project owes a huge debt of gratitude to the fantastic Azure Key Vault Browser, from which it is forked, and of course, to the underlying technologies that make both of these projects possible: textual and rich!


acr-browser requires Python 3.9 or later.

pip install acr-browser

Once the app is installed you can run the application from your terminal with the acr command.


Alternatively, you can run with Docker:

docker run --rm -it --volume $HOME:/app --volume $HOME/.azure:/root/.azure


acr-browser uses the Azure CLI for authentication. Before using the app, make sure that you have logged in and set your subscription.

az login
az account set --subscription "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx"


On first run you will be asked for some information so that the app can build your configuration file.

You’ll need to enter a valid Azure Container Registry name.

Alternatively you can create a config file at ~/.acr-browser.toml:

# .acr-browser.toml

registry = ""


This project has been tested on macOS and Linux with Python 3.9.

For Ubuntu 20.04, it may be necessary to install the python3.9 package.


If you would like to contribute to acr-browser head over to the contributing guide to find out more.


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