An image viewer for the terminal based on Überzug.



  • Überzug

    Überzug is a command line util which allows to draw images on terminals by using child windows.

  • bash


For image rotation:

  • imagemagick
  • basename


ucollage is a bash script, so you only have to download the file and make it executable.

To install Überzug you have several options:

Via pip:

$ pip3 install --user ueberzug

Via pacman:

$ sudo pacman -S ueberzug


ucollage [images]


n get next batch of images

N get previous batch of images

h decrease number of columns by 1

j decrease number of lines by 1

k increase number of lines by 1

l increase number of columns by 1

- decrease both the numbers of columns and lines by 1

+/= increase both the numbers of columns and lines by 1

s input exact number for lines and columns

q exit

m enter monocle mode: show only one image

M exit monocle mode

g go to image

Monocle mode specific controls

r rotate image 90 degrees clockwise

R rotate image 90 degrees counterclockwise

u rotate image 180 degrees

x execute command (placeholders are available for common substitutions)

  • %s original image filename
  • %r rotated image filename

c rename image

Default values

You can set default values for some of the variables. You just have to export the relevant variables in your .bashrc

# number of lines when the scripts starts
export UCOLLAGE_LINES=2                    # valid: integer  default: 3

# number of columns when the scripts starts
export UCOLLAGE_COLUMNS=2                  # valid: integer  default: 4

# temporary directory to store script relevant files
export UCOLLAGE_TMP_DIR="/tmp/directory"   # valid: string   default: "/tmp/ucollage"

# whether or not to ask for confirmation when executing commands
# in monocle mode
export UCOLLAGE_EXEC_PROMPT=1              # valid: {0, 1}   default: 0

# whether or not show the names of all images in the wide view
export UCOLLAGE_SHOW_NAMES=1               # valid: {0, 1}   default: 1