x86-info-term is a curses-based viewer for x86 instruction info built with Python 3. It combines the following data sources:

  • Intrinsics from the Intel Intrinsics Guide.
  • Performance info from uops.info.


Right now, performance information is joined to the intrinsics in an imperfect way: the performance info for all instruction variants that match one of the instructions listed in the Intrinsics guide are shown. This means that sometimes spurious instructions are shown, suchs as showing both loads and stores under a load intrinsic, or showing instruction variants with the wrong vector sizes. Normalizing the instruction operand formats used by the Intrinsics Guide and uops.info to fix this is rather tricky, and for now I have opted for showing extraneous data rather than not showing possibly relevant data.

Basic vim keybindings are supported. See the source for more details--no documentation yet!