A tiny but functional google searcher lib.


The gle lib relies on python requests and beautifulsoup, install these with:

pip install requests
pip install bs4

Note: Run on python3.

from gle import Google

# Count is the number of pages that you want to extract results.
x = Google(count=2)
pages ='python vy editor')

for indi in pages:
    for indj in indi:

Then you would get something like:

{'title': 'GitHub - vyapp/vy: A vim-like in python made from scratch.', 
'desc': 'A powerful modal editor written in python. vy is a ...', 
'url': ''}

{'title': 'Python IDE - Python Wiki', 
'desc': '23 Mar 2018 ... Python language support for Atom-IDE, .....', 
'url': ''}
{'title': 'A Lo ....